I’m So Lame

Well here I am with my cousin Pat and Uncle Bill trying to make the family video…remember the reason for my travels? We get all set up and I turn on the camera.

We talk a little bit and try to get Bill to remember which is very difficult since he has dementia now, but we go on for quite awhile. After quite awhile Pat notices the camera has shut down and I think the batteries are the culprit, so we change those.

We start up a new one and I turn it on again and after awhile it shuts off again and I think it’s those bad batteries we got at Harbor Freight so we change them again and Pat gives me some Duracells. After a few minutes it shuts off again. I think this time maybe the video using a lot more battery power than the  regular pictures I take, so we change batteries again.

We start over, I turn it on again and realize it stops about every 10 minutes but I find if I push the on button it comes back on again and it isn’t the batteries. Take all the ok batteries out of the trash..

I do that for about an hour and try to go back and see what we’ve recorded. It isn’t there! OMG where did it go???

I’m thinking that I have too much on the card and it was full and that’s why it keeps shutting off. So I go back and delete all the pictures on the card. I have them all on my computer and backed up with Carbonite so I’m ok.

Then I try a sample video on my lap and make the great discovery that I never pushed the record button. Shit!!! I am so lame.


This is a very busy place. I was going to leave earlier but the Art Festival was starting on Friday and I thought it would be wonderful to see it. These are the very top of the line artists, it’s a juried show and very expensive to enter as an artist but free to the public. We had beautiful weather for it…apparently last year it poured down rain. Reasons why I don’t do shows anymore.

Here are some hilites. I saw so many wonderful paintings also but so many places didn’t want pictures taken..they want to control what images are out there I guess…or the glare on the glass was too much to get a good photo.

Stephen Olszewski - sadly no website to send you to

Stephen Olszewski – sadly no website to send you to

Robin Frisella Pastel Artist

Robin Frisella Pastel Artist – her website is http://www.robinfrisella.com

Don McWhorter Pottery and no website either

Don McWhorter Pottery and no website either

Mychal Mitchell of Iona Handcrafted Books website ionahandcraftedbooks.com

Mychal Mitchell of Iona Handcrafted Books website ionahandcraftedbooks.com

Tom and Shawn Thomas father and son leather artists

Tom and Shawn Thomas father and son leather artists website ThomasLeatherStudio.com

Dawn Miller pastel artist - website DawnMillerArt.com

Dawn Miller pastel artist – website DawnMillerArt.com

Dawn Miller was delightful and had lived in Annapolis until 1976 when I moved there so that was fun meeting her. She was very interested in the vandwelling lifestyle and might just check it out. She teaches all over the east coast.

While I was at the Art Show, I got a call from Palmers Garden and Goods to come over and show my products so I didn’t make it through the rest of the show, but I got a nice sale to them. The whole Serenity Prayer Series and some other plaques.

So I went back to Bev’s and painted madly for a few hours and then we were off to a reception at City Hall for a renowned Potter Sandra Blain. Check her out at http://www.sandyterry.com. She was doing a workshop this weekend and the Potter’s Studio that Bev was attending. She is all about textures, and the lecture was really fascinating even if I don’t do pottery…got some great ideas for my sculpting. After the lecture we went across the street to the Bohemian for a drink with some others. Lots of fun.

More Orlando

I’m at Bev’s until Saturday so I will have a little more to say. Tuesday we had a great time. It was pouring down rain so we went to visit the City of Orlando Pottery Studio where Bev makes all her wonderful creations. I got to meet several pottery artist friends of hers and see the studios. What a great setup they have and it’s subsidized by the city.

We also went to a garden shop to set up Bev’s landscaping design, and I may get to meet with the owner this week about some of my art for their store.

We then went off to a lecture on The Gilded Age or Victorian Era by Richard Guy Wilson, who is an architectural historian of some renown from UVA in Charlottesville. This lecture was provided by the Morse Museum where they have all the Tiffany Stained Glass I was talking about. Here’s the link www.morsemuseum.org if you want to check it out. The lecture was very enlightening and I got to meet a few more interesting people.

They also had really yummy refreshments. Scones and clotted cream and lime meringues…yum.

After that we came home and I started sculpting on a new mermaid plaque. I finished her yesterday and this is the view of where I was sitting to do the work. Not too shabby eh?

Bev's Sunroom

Bev’s Sunroom

Mermaid and Bev's house 195

And here she is in clay form ready to be made into a mold. I think she’s kinda cute. Whatta you think?

Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars

Here’s some more of Bev’s work I discovered around the house. She’s very prolific but doesn’t like to brag so I have to drag it out of her. Craig is much better at promoting her. She does these wonderful things with little clay seashells she makes from molds of actual seashells. I love the color of these.

Bev's Pottery 001

Bev’s Pottery 001

Bev's Pottery 003

Bev’s Pottery 003


Bev's Pottery 004

Bev’s Pottery 004

Bev's Turtle - she has bunches of these in all colors- they are adorable.

Bev’s Turtle – she has bunches of these in all colors- they are adorable.


I stopped by a store today that is having an Art and Garden Event on Saturday and they invited me to join in so I will be painting up a bunch of product and head over there. Wish me luck!




Mt. Dora FL

Mt. Dora is a very cute little town. Very charming. It is a 100 year old town that lies on Lake Dora. Dallas lives about a block from the lake and we walked over to her friend Nancy’s house by the lake in the evening – it was great. What a sweetheart she is – she made us chili and cornbread and peanut butter cookies. Yum!

We went for pizza the first night at a little place that had pizza by the slice with whatever toppings you wanted. We had spinach and feta and I added olives and onions. I think it was Pizza Amore. Dallas is that right? Then I had Tirimitsu and Dallas didn’t even steal a bite after it was offered. I was so impressed!

Mt. Dora Shopping

Mt. Dora Shopping

She has very nice house, very Florida and beautifully decorated. She has an excellent grasp of color and uses it liberally. I really wish I was a better photographer.

Dallas' House

Dallas’ House

Her Lovely Lanaii

Her Lovely Lanaii

Dallas herself

Dallas herself

I met her 20 some years ago when I designed her kitchen after she came back to the area to take care of her father. I eventually did a bathroom for her as well and we have been good friends since then although like all my friends in Florida we don’t see each other much any more.

She works at Vincents’ which is  a very nice clothing store, so if you are in Mt. Dora stop in and say hi and check out all the great clothes. I really enjoyed downtown, lots of interesting little shops and good free parking.

I went into the Bowersox Gallery on 4th St. and that had some really great art. Not one piece in there I didn’t love. Matamo is a really unique home decor and accessories store on the corner of Donnely and 5th, as well as lots of other great shops on Donnely.

I didn’t find any owners in the stores I visited this morning so that was disappointing since I was leaving today, but Dallas’ friends were very sweet and bought 3 angels. Dallas is going to check with one of the owners she knows this week to see if I can get an appointment.

I’m working on ideas for a mermaid and some shell coasters/plaques which will improve my chances in the coastal areas. I’m back at Bev’s and she brought home some clay and I bought some as well so we are going to play with clay tomorrow. Too tired today. Nitey nite.

I’ve know Bev and Craig for about 20 years – she and I met as kitchen and remodeling designers years ago and Craig is an environmental engineer who used to work in DC for the Navy determining how to safely get rid of all the waste on our big ships. Something critical you just don’t usually think about! He now works for a company that has a great new technology that I don’t understand, but I think it’s going to save the planet if they ever get it going. They have an old Spanish type home in the Delaney Park area which is really beautiful and they have done a great job restoring it.

Orlando Winter Park 2013-03 015

Bev had suggested some stores to stop at in Winter Park on the way down, and I did find a store that seems perfect and they want to place an order but couldn’t squeeze me in then so I will go back the first of the week. We are going out to some other areas tomorrow to see if we can find more stores.

Winter Park is a very nice ritzy area. When I was here last summer we went to the Louis Comfort Tiffany museum there to see all the stained glass art windows and lamps. Fabulous museum. Wow. Bev is a docent and followed me around slapping my hands when I wanted to touch everything. I don’t have any pictures to pass on right now, but you can google it.

They worked very hard on the Obama campaign and have pictures of themselves with Obama bringing pizza to them at the end of a hard day. I’m so jealous! Apparently the White House has it’s own micro beer if that’s what you call it and Craig was berating him for not bringing some of that along, too.

Bev Obama Craig

I have never been a big fan of Orlando but this is a really nice area, also.  there are even a couple areas downtown that seem pretty nice.  I was here in the 90’s and it just seemed like a big boring city. I was at a conference so I didn’t really get around to the cool areas I guess. I think people only think of Disney for this area, but it has a few other things going for it.

Bev had to work Thursday night – she also volunteers for Ten Thousand Villages – so Craig took me out to an Italian restaurant and I had wonderful manicotti and breadsticks and salad and just a bite of canolli. since I was so stuffed. Ha I probably spelled all that wrong but who cares. Wonderful dinner.

Bev makes wonderful pottery so I have included some pics of that.  She makes the dearest turtles. I may try to make some new coasters/tiles with seashells and things that go better in the coastal areas I will be visiting. I also have an idea for a mermaid I may try out. She has really been helping me with ideas and my head is spinning.

Copper Glazed Raku Vase

Copper Glazed Raku Vase

Orlando Winter Park 2013-03 014

Lamp Base

Orlando Winter Park 2013-03 016


Orlando Winter Park 2013-03 018

Fairy houses

Orlando Winter Park 2013-03 017

Friday Bev and I walked all over Winter Park down Park Avenue and College Park and Ivanhoe Row. Almost 4 miles – I am getting some exercise occasionally and glad my let is better! Those are all great areas. Winter Park is more ritzy shops and outdoor dining and a beautiful park. They are having an art festival this week so we are going on Friday. Ivanhoe Row is more antique shops and some funky stores.

Winter Park Street Scape

Winter Park Street Scape

Winter Park Outdoor Dining

Winter Park Outdoor Dining

College Park had a shop that I plan to talk to next week. The owner was rushing to an appointment but was very interested. We also went to a garden center that seemed very promising. The nice thing about a city is that there are several areas to sell to that can have an exclusive in their area but then I have other places I can go in the same city. Three promising leads – I hope one works out this week- at least they all said they thought my things were really beautiful so that was encouraging.

We stopped for lunch at a wonderful seafood place and had tuna flatbread sandwiches and mango coleslaw that were really yummy and so filling and they gave us a smoked salmon spread with crackers to sample. Deeeelish.

Friday night they took me downtown to a favorite restaurant of theirs called the Rusty Spoon. They grow their own everything and it’s all very fresh. Even their ketchup is homemade and delicious and I don’t even like ketchup. I had Shiitin Onion Soup, I kid you not, and it was kinda a French Onion Soup thing, but with a name like that I just had to try it. That’s all I had cause I was still so full from lunch.

Bev had a lamb sandwich kinda thing and Craig had lamb shanks that had a lot of things but most surprising was pomegranate seeds. Everything was absolutely wonderful including our darling waitress and hostess except they were out of the Cucumber Martini that Bev was wanting.

I’m telling folks – I am really getting spoiled this week!

I’m leaving in the morning for Mt. Dora to see another gal pal Dallas.

Port Orange, FL

I have a dear friend in Port Orange named Elaine. We met in Fredericksburg where we both worked and then she rented a room from me for a few years. She retired and moved to Florida with her son Bobby and his wife Lynn, and we really miss each other so it was great to see her again.

I really didn’t do too much wandering around there. There was a big fire there and the air had so much smoke in it. I think Port Orange is just one of those bedroom communities that grew up like a suburb of Daytona, so there really doesn’t seem to be a town center. We had a really great New York Style pizza the first night at Luigi’s and that was yummy, but except for a few errands, we just hung out at home and caught up with each other.

I stayed a few days with them and was so sad to leave Elaine, but you know “fish and relatives…” kinda applies to friends too,  and then yesterday I drove on down to see some other friends, Bev and Craig in Orlando.

Elaine and Bobby

Elaine and Bobby

St. Augustine FL

I am finally getting this posted. I have had Murphy’s Law in action this week especially with this blog.

Boy did I have a great time at the Art Walk on First Friday in St. Augustine. What a beautiful place. I think it’s my new favorite place on earth…well maybe except for England. There was a lot of traffic and confusion because there was also a Seafood Festival going on that weekend. So I parked at the San Sebastion Winery…they give nice tours but I didn’t go in. They were near closing but they provided a free parking space and free trolley ride around to the galleries.

I got there about 5pm and there were some other people there going to the Art Walk so we all walked down the street together. Wow what a lot of talent! I met one of the artists on the way over to the first gallery and he was an older gentleman who did beautiful acrylic boat and water paintings of the area. There are loads of galleries and I walked and walked to all the great places. I’m so glad my leg stopped hurting.

Lightner Museum

Lightner Museum

King Street is the main drag and they have wonderful shops. There is also a great shopping area on St. George street in a pedestrian mall  that goes for several blocks.There is also a really cool street called Aviles  Street. Wonderful shops It was so magical at night with all sorts of outdoor restaurants and bars with lights and lots of people and beautiful art. The Lightner Museum was free that night also. I got tired after I got to the end of King Street and decided to get on the trolley.

Museum Fountain and Casa Monica Historic Hotel

Museum Fountain and Casa Monica Historic Hotel

Flagler College former Historic Luxury Hotel

Flagler College former Historic Luxury Hotel

Aviles Street Shopping Restaurants

Aviles Street Shopping Restaurants



Unlike Fredericksburg VA the other stores actually take advantage of all the traffic and stay open.

I decided to stay the night at the winery. It was pretty peaceful. Then I went down to a couple stores but no sales. My angels and things don’t fit too well in the Florida style I’m afraid. I just didn’t find stores that really fit my products. So I’ll have to really tighten my belt for now and hope I find some stores near Orlando that aren’t so beachy themed.

I went north toward the Library but found another area near the middle of town to stop at. I pulled into an empty lot behind some stores but a guy came out while I was making a sandwich and made it clear I’d better move on soon. I went into a couple stores after I ate my lunch. Then I found a park by the Catholic Church of Our Lady of La Leche I think. It’s really a beautiful park on A!A with a pond and shrines. Very pretty.

I spent the rest of the day parked there. There was so much traffic for the festival I didn’t want to go anywhere so I sat in the van in the park and read. It was only 50 degrees and very windy so it wasn’t a very pretty day. I had initially thought it was too bad I wasn’t a vendor at the festival, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to stay out in that weather. Did it for too many years!

I decided to spend the night in the church lot but it was a little isolated. I really prefer to stay in WM lots with others around. I know a lot of people think I’m crazy but I feel safer there than where there isn’t anyone around. I eventually fell asleep and slept pretty well.



Prince of Peace Park

Prince of Peace Park

I thought I would go to the library and catch up with y’all but they were closed so, instead of  I came on down to Port Orange  to see my dear friend Elaine and I will be here a few days so I probably won’t have anything much to report. Just a couple old ladies catching up. Ha ha. We are the original Silly Sisters for sure. Talk to you soon.